Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Transformers Book Collection

My Transformers Book Collection

The Transformers Collection, also known as T/F Collection, was Takara's series of G1 reissues. Each toy is housed inside a "book-box"-style package that opens just like a book, complete with a small booklet containing profiles of the reissued character, a couple of random characters, episodes of the cartoon and a small portion of the Japanese catalogue. In total, twenty one sets have been reissued. Unfortunately, this particular line appears to have been discontinued after Takaratomy launched the encore series, which are essentially reissues of Transformers in G1 boxes. The twenty one sets consist of:

TFC-00 Convoy
TFC-01 Meister
TFC-02 Prowl
TFC-03 Skids
TFC-04 Tracks
TFC-05 Smokescreen
TFC-06 Megatron
TFC-07 Lambor
TFC-08 Inferno
TFC-09 Starscream
TFC-10 Soundwave
TFC-11 Astrotrain
TFC-12 Minibot Team
TFC-13 Hot Rodimus
TFC-14 Hound
TFC-15 Stepper
TFC-16 Insecticons
TFC-17 Blitzwing
TFC-18 Soundblaster
TFC-19 Perceptor
TFC-20 Kup & Wheelie
TFC-21 Blaster

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