Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The huge box containing Shockwave.

The smaller box within. Could this be the one?

Shockwave revealed!

mib Shockwave, c-9

The one item I have been waiting for since last week has finally arrived: Shockwave. Released in 1985, Shockwave transforms into a large Cybertronian handgun. He has light and sound electronics activated by his gun-mode trigger and is powered by a 9-volt battery. I bought this item online from an ebay seller two weeks ago and I must admit it was certainly worth the wait when the highly anticipated toy finally arrived this evening, having survived a long flight from Canada. I could hardly contain my excitement as I carefully opened the box, which had the label COLLECTABLE TOY on it, to reveal the gem within. It was truly a sight to behold to see Shockwave neatly packed in the small box inside. The box is definitely in the condition described by the seller, mib c-9 with no flap crease and minor shelfwear.

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