Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sixshot - Solo Transformer Assault Group

misb Sixshot. c-9

Sixshot is one of my all time favourite Transformer characters, attributable to his status as a Solo Transformer Assault Group (“S.T.A.G.”), or basically, a one-robot army as he is famed for his near-unique ability to assume six different modes. Released in 1987, Sixshot’s number of alternate modes was unprecedented then, and his instruction leaflet was even sealed shut with a sticker, challenging buyers to figure out all six modes without aid. I have seen the vintage version before but with the reissued sixshot, I figured it's not worth paying so much for the vintage version. It actually took me some time to get the reissued one as the ones I saw were either too expensive or the box conditions were simply not what I wanted. With much luck, I finally chanced upon an misb Sixshot at U-toys during one of my weekend trips to CSC about a year ago selling at 18o SGD. I rate the box at c-9. The box artwork is simply awesome.

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