Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome note...

A warm welcome to all reading the opening entry of my blog, which is dedicated to my transformers collection, and updates on my latest buys and craze. For a start, a short intro to how I became so fascinated with transformers. It's actually thanks to a good pal, Jeff, that I was introduced to get my first transformer toys from the Masterpiece series, and I must admit that I have been on a relentless toy hunting trail ever since. I have another friend, Chin Meng, who has been a great pal in helping me keep a lookout for toys I am interested in and who has been a great companion during my toy collection and toy hunting trips. In this blog,I will be focusing on my toy hunting escapades. I will also be posting photos of my latest acquisitions (hopefully on a regular basis). Thanks for viewing. :)

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