Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old is Gold...

I have recently acquired a few pieces of vintages, which I really liked a lot, though I must admit vintages nowadays come at a hefty price, in the aftermath of the Transformer movie. And even then, there is the factor of availability. Some of the vintages I have include a mib unused Black Zarak, mib unused Overlord and misb King Poseidon, three highly sought after toys by collectors. And I really like them a lot, especially the Black Zarak. For the smaller vintages, I own the set of Junior Decepticons Headmasters: Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer. The artwork of the boxes is simply amazing. A personal goal is to collect all the combiners giftsets, though that would require lots of patience for the right deal to come along. Well, at least that is something that will definitely sustain my passion for Transformers for some time to come.

mib unused Black Zarak c-9

mib unused Overlord c-9

misb King Poseidon c-9

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