Friday, May 16, 2008

Lawson Exclusive Gold Bumblebee

mosc Bumblebee (Limited Colour), c-9.5
A redeco of the Japanese version of the Classic Camaro Bumblebee mold, this toy was exclusively available with the purchase of a ticket for the Transformers movie in Japanese Lawson stores. I got it one year ago from Falcon during the movie craze. There were very limited pieces available (rumoured to be 50) to Singapore and I was very fortunate to land a piece at a reasonable price. I remembered I made the preorder as soon as I saw it in the email sent by Falcon and rushed to collect it immediately after work as it was limited to one piece per customer. It was sold out on the day itself. I am not a collector of the movie line of toys as I dislike the haphazard release of its toys, most of which didn't even appear in the movie and probably never will; however, this is certainly one piece I will treasure a lot.

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