Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Masterpiece collection

My Masterpiece Collection

I started my transformers collection with the masterpiece series two years back, where I bought 2 pieces MP-01 Convoy and MP-04 Convoy with Trailer through a good pal, Jeff. The prices were reasonable back then, and I also managed to secure my MP-02 Ultra Magnus through an online seller at the really good price of 150SGD. It's easily double that now if anyone is planning to get it. Can't remember how I got my first MP-03 Starscream, but I remembered I bought my second piece at China Square Central during one of the sundays flea market, where one of the stallholders was selling at a fantastic price of 100SGD. Unfortunately, MP-04, which was going for only 200SGD at the same stall at that time, was quickly snapped up by another eagle-eyed customer just as I saw it. As for MP-05 Megatron and MP-06 Skywarp, I bought them at my favourite toy shop, The Falcon's Hangar, which doesn't charge sky high prices for their products, so I've almost always bought my stuff from them. I really hope the masterpiece series will continue for a long time to come, although I will soon have to think about storage given the relatively large sizes of the boxes.

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