Sunday, May 11, 2008

Transformers Hybrid Style (THS) set completed finally...

My T.H.S set

I finally managed to complete my Transformer Hybrid Style (THS) set last month, when a visit to Falcon Hangar got me the last item of the set I was missing all along, T.H.S-01 Galaxy Convoy. It was actually a consignment item and after checking that it was within my budget, I promptly bought it. My first item from this set was T.H.S-02 Convoy, which I had bought from Jeff two years back and after I had gotten T.H.S-02B Black Convoy during one of my trips to CSC, I was quite determined to complete the entire set. The cover flaps can actually be lifted to show the intricate parts of the robots, but to prevent shelf wear and dust, I have decided to keep it wrapped in clear plastic.

Digressing a little, I recently bought two sets of the black Detolf display shelves from Ikea when they were having their Labour Day Sale. Each shelf costs only 55 SGD from the usual 99 SGD. It was such a steal that when I arrived at Ikea in the evening, the birch coloured ones were already sold out, with only 9 sets of white and 49 sets of black left. Thanks to my dad's help, we managed to carry them home after much effort. It was indeed Labour Day for us. I am intending to set up the shelves during the upcoming holidays so I can display more toys in them. Will have to do some serious tidying up of my study room to clear space before that though... :)

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