Friday, May 30, 2008

Galvatron - City Commander

misb Galvatron, c-9

misb e-Hobby exclusive Galvatron, c-9.5

Galvatron and Galvatron II

Galvatron is the reincarnated form of Megatron, who was rescued and re-formated by Unicron after being thrown into space by Starscream (in Transformers : The Movie). In his new body, Megatron's power was increased and he was dubbed "Galvatron". Galvatron transforms into a Cybertronic treaded field artillery unit with an alternate hand-held gun mode. The ones you see in the pictures above are the reissued versions of the original release in 1986/87. In the reissued version (1st picture), Galvatron has been redecoed into a more show-like appearance, being primarily purple instead of the original gray. The same toy was later released as the e-Hobby exclusive Galvatron II (2nd picture).
I bought the reissue two years back from a friend who was willing to sell it at a reduced price. For the e-Hobby exclusive, I remembered it was bought at Falcon during one of its annual sales at its old location. It was going at a really good price, and there were around six pieces. I wished my friend, who was also at the sale, hadn't hesitated in getting it as it is now a rare piece selling at a very good price on the secondary market. Both boxes are in very good condition with minor shelfwear.

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