Saturday, May 24, 2008

God Ginrai giftsets

misb God Ginrai, c-9.5

misb Fire Guts God Ginrai, c-9

God Ginrai giftsets

The first photo shows a reissue of the God Ginrai giftset, released in 2002, with blue eyes for the small Ginrai robot and a slighty different shade of red paint on the cab. The original version was released in 1988. However, there was a case of over production of the reissue and currently, it is still readily available in the secondary market at highly affordable prices. In the same year, Fire Guts God Ginrai (2nd photo), a redeco of the God Ginrai giftset in red and orange, was also released as an eHobby exclusive. It was limited to 1600 pieces. Both pieces were bought separately from online sellers, and I managed to secure Fire Guts at a very good price way below the seller's 'buy it now price' placed on his auction after some negotiation. Both boxes are in good condition with minor shelfwear.

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