Friday, November 28, 2008

Constructicons Unite!

The Constructicons and their super-robot mode, Devastator

misb Long Haul, c-10
Long Haul desires to be a front line fighter instead of a transport specialist, but recognizes his important role in the Autobot-Decepticon conflict. As the second strongest Constructicon after Bonecrusher, his ability to carry large loads, coupled with the powerful dual heat seeking missile launcher he wields in his attack vehicle mode, make him a dangerous adversary.

misb Scrapper, c-10
Scrapper is the leader of the formidable Constructicons. As such, Megatron values Scrapper's ability to organize his unit in order to assemble nearly any structure the Decepticons require. Scrapper's viciousness toward the Autobots make him quite popular among his Decepticon cronies. He forms the right leg of Devastator.

misb Hook, c-10
Hook's intelligence and skill are the result of his elitist personality, and he simply cannot tolerate unprofessionalism and lack of perfection-qualities important fot this Decepticon equivalent of a doctor/surgeon. He forms the head and shoulders of Devastator.

misb Mixmaster, c-10
Mixmaster is very skilled at his function; to the extent that his superiors are often surprised by the products he can almost "magically" procure while creating materials for the superstructures that the talented Constructicons made infamous.

misb Scavenger, c-10
Scavenger is a moving shovel on a rotating base. His robot mode looks odd, and he has the most purple colouring of all Constructicons.

misb Bonecrusher, c-10
Bonecrusher is the strongest of the six Constructicons, and his battle prowess and ability to demolish fortifications makes him popular among his Decepticon comrades. His robot and vehicle mode are quite excellent, and in vehicle mode, his extra Devastator parts can be used to create an attack vehicle mode.

mib unused Devastator, c-8.5
Released in 1985, Devastator is the combination of the six constructicons; Team Leader Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster and Scavenger.
Devastator's forearms are also spring-loaded missile launchers, able to fire his fists as well as his drill attachments, though the springs were severely weakened in the US for safety reasons. He also comes armed with a large purple laser rifle. Hook and Scavenger's pistols can also be easily added to him for a little extra firepower. While the others' pistols can be added as well, they're not in very useful positions. Unlike the later Scramble City-style combiners, Devastator's limbs cannot be rearranged into any other configurations. Although the Constructicons were produced in large quantities, and is one of the easiest combiners to find on the secondary market, they are always in demand and readily snatched up by casual and die-hard TFs fans alike as they were the most easily identifiable of all Transformers combiners.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


misb Slag, c-9.5

Released in 1985, Slag was part of the second series of Transformers. The toy transformed into a robotic Triceratops, and came with a missile launcher that could fit in the shoulder socket of both the robot and dinosaur, a red sword, a silver "electro blaster" and three silver rockets. Like many Diaclone-era toys, Slag had a conspicuous driver compartment contained in his chest. I bought Slag from a local collector who is downsizing his collection. I've always had a keen interest in the dinobots, but it's really not easy to find them in their boxes. I'm certainly glad my patience has paid off with the acquisition of one member of the dinobots. Slag comes in excellent condition, sealed in a c-9.5 box.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Darkwings giftset

mib unused Darkwings giftset, c-9

Darkwings is formed by combining the individual toys of Hydra and Buster, both released in 1988. Once their Godmaster engines are plugged in, the two jets can be combined to form a single "superjet". A special multi-pack containing both Hydra and Buster was released in Japan. The two toys are identical to their normal-retail individual releases.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twincast and Soundblaster

mib unused Twincast, c-9.5

The first Blaster toy was redecoed as Twincast in 1987 and had its tape-door retooled in order to accommodate two cassettes at once. The clear-plastic part of the door was also changed to clear-red, so when certain cassettes were placed inside, the "secret plans" decals on them would reveal the "weak point" of either Fortress Maximus or Scorponok, much like using the tech-specs decoders. He came with Steeljaw, who was given one of these new decals.
In 2006, Twincast was also reissued as an e-Hobby exclusive, this time packaged with the new character Flip Sides.

mib unused Soundblaster, c8.5

As part of the Japanese Headmasters series, Soundwave was redecoed and retooled in 1987 so that he could hold two Cassettes in his chest at once. Soundblaster's tape door was cast in transparent red plastic to allow the information on the "readout" decal, unique to the Headmasters decos of the cassettes, to be seen, functioning in the same manner as the Tech Specs decoders. The readouts of the Decepticon cassettes showed the "weak points" of Fortress Maximus. Soundblaster came packaged with Buzzsaw.
Soundblaster was also reissued in the Transformers Collection series in 2005, packaged together with Buzzsaw and Ravage. This mold was used for all future reissues of Soundwave, since the original Soundwave mold is broken, and they mostly just have a single tape door to let it look more like Soundwave, yet they still feature the more exposed buttons on the bottom of Soundwave's chest door.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My G1 combiners collection

mib Devastator, c-8.5
mib unused Superion, c-9
mib unused Menasor, c-8.5
misb Bruticus, c-9.5
mib unused Defensor, c-9
mib unused Predaking, c-9
misb Abominus, c-9
mib unused Computron, c-9
mib unused Raiden, c-9
misb King Poseidon, c-9.5
mib unused Landcross, c-9
mib unused Road Caesar, c-9.5
mib unused Dinoking, c-8.5
misb Liokaiser, AFA 90

A combiner basically refers to a group of Transformers that assemble and combine their bodies into a single machine, or that composite machine itself. Most combiners form a larger Super Robot with its own unique personality (a character in its own right), but other varieties of combiner exist, forming vehicles, weapons, or other items. Combiners tend to be considerably larger and more powerful than the average Transformer, equivalent to strategic-grade weapons.
In identifying my G1 combiners wishlist, I kept to combiners with three or more members, which meant that popular characters like God Ginrai and Victory Saber were not included. I have also left out the Beastwars, Micromaster-type and Maximus-type combiners. With that, I came up with a list of 14 G1 combiners, which I finally completed with the recent acquisition of Menasor.

Combiners with three or more members (non-Scramble City type)
(1) Devastator
(2) Predaking
(3) Raiden
(4) Dinoking
(5) Road Caesar
(6) Liokaiser
(7) Landcross
Scramble City-type combiners
(8) Bruticus
(9) Defensor
(10) Menasor
(11) Superion
(12) Abominus
(13) Computron
(14) King Poseidon


Unreleased "VSA" set (Superion vs Menasor)

mib unused Menasor, c-8.5

Released in 1986, Menasor is a combination of the five Stunticons; Team Leader Motormaster, Drag Strip, Dead End, Wildrider and Breakdown. Menasor is formed by transforming Motormaster into his torso mode, attaching a chest plate/scout car, waist armor and mask on him, then connecting the other Stunticons into the appropriate limb slots in Motormaster's arms and legs. Fists and feet are then attached to the limbs. He is armed with Motormaster's sword and cyclone rifle. The Stunticons were available both individually or in a complete box set available in numerous markets. Menasor is also the smallest of the Scramble City-type combiners in the Generation 1 toyline. A Japanese "VSA" set with Superion (see 1st pic) was planned but unreleased.
The acquisition of Menasor meant that I have finally fulfilled my wish of owning all 14 G1 combiners, which I have identified at the beginning of my toy quest. Although the box has flap crease and some shelf wear, it stands firm and comes in mib unused condition, which was what made me decide to get it in the end even though it came with a hefty price tag. Ultimately, I guess I have finally lost patience in my relentless and at times tiring search for it. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have assisted me to complete my G1 combiners wishlist. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Road Caesar

mib unused Road Caesar, c-9.5
Road Caesar is the combined form of the Brainmasters, namely Blacker, Laster and Braver, making him a rare non-Scramble City style of combiner. Road Caesar is a perfect combination of his component members, showing the responsibility and skill of Blacker, the intelligence of Braver, and the guts of Laster.
I bought the above set from an online seller in Japan. The item comes in a pristine c-9.5 box, mib unused condition with no flap crease and very minor shelfwear.