Monday, May 19, 2008

Cybertron Primus - Creator of the Transformers

misb Primus, c-9.5 (front)

misb Primus, c-9.5 (back)

This entry features my latest acquisition: Takara Primus C-00, otherwise known as the creator of all transformers, and whose body forms the planet Cybertron. I have seen this item a few times during my visits to CSC, but has never been tempted to buy it or even considered buying it because of the ridiculous price tags placed on it. I guess it is mainly due to the beautiful box artwork (both front and back) that has seen its value soar, compared to the dull hasbro version of the same item. I got this item from a seller from sgcollect, and I must admit the price is very reasonable in the current market. Although it is not on my wanted list, I still like it a lot. For such a huge box, the condition is very good with sharp edges and no box dents.

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