Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trypticon - Decepticon City

mib Trypticon, c-8

Released in 1986/87, Trypticon transforms from dinosaur mode to city mode, and also to battle station mode, although it is seldom seen in the last two alternate modes. It has two other "helpers" in city mode: Brunt, the five-part tank, and Full-Tilt, the transformable rocket car. It is extremely difficult to find Trypticon complete because of the sheer number of small parts that comes with the toy. I bought this toy from an online seller who was kind enough to accept a cash plus toy trade deal, though that meant I had to part with my Hasbro Classics Devastator. Although the box has seen better days (hence the c-8 rating), the toy is complete and in mint condition. It is also very difficult to find Trypticon in the Takara box, so I guess that was the biggest pull factor for me.

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