Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fortress Maximus - Headmaster Leader

misb Fortress Maximus, c-9 (Front)

misb Fortress Maximus, c-9 (Back)

Released in 1987, Fortress Maximus is, by far, the largest Transformers toy ever produced. In robot mode, it stands 22" (or 56 cm) tall, nearly 8" (20 cm) taller than its in-fiction rival Scorponok. The toy has multiple alternate mode configurations, transforming into a relatively compact "city" mode, and also a secondary mode described as a "battle station."
In all modes, Fortress Maximus has a wide array of pop-out guns and gimmicks. Its left leg hides a small prison cell, plus has a swing-out cannon/helipad. Its right leg has a small storage compartment. Its torso has a gear-activated spinner for the detachable radar array accessory, a "control socket" for Cerebros' "communications tower" mode, and a working elevator that can lift small toys up to its central ramp to be launched in its alternate modes. Each arm had a long ramp on the back with sliding launchers for small vehicles. Its robot-mode head is formed by Cerebros, who does not actually need Spike to attach to the upper body. It came with both Headmaster units, plus the Gasket and Grommet mini-vehicles.
This Japanese version of Fortress Maximus comes with a pair of swords; one for Fortress and a larger one for Maximus. I bought both Fortress Maximus and its younger brother, Grand Maximus from the same seller, who offered both to me at a special discounted price. The items are misb and rated at least c-9, which is extremely difficult to find anywhere currently. Although there have been Fortress and Grand Maximuses offered at lower prices on the secondary market, incompleteness of toy contents and disappointing box conditions are huge turnoffs for me.

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