Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grand Maximus

misb Grand Maximus (Front), c-9

misb Grand Maximus (Back), c-9

Fort and Grand Maximus

As a redeco of Fortress Maximus, Grand Maximus shares the title of largest Transformer toy from Generation 1. Grand Maximus transforms from robot, to city, to battleship. In all modes, Maximus has a wide array of pop-out guns and gimmicks. His left leg hides a small prison cell, and he has a swing-out cannon/helipad. His right leg has a small storage compartment. His torso has a gear-activated spinner for the detachable radar array accessory, a "control socket" for Grand's "communcations tower" mode, and a working elevator that can lift small toys up to the central ramp to be launched in his altmodes. Each arm had a long ramp on the back with sliding launchers for small vehicles.
Grand Maximus' head can be removed and transformed into a robot called Grand. This component also transforms into a communications room that combines with Grand Maximus' city and battleship modes. Grand can additionally fit inside an included pretender shell. This shell, unlike most other Autobot shells, was robotic in appearance rather than human. Grand's head can also be removed and transformed into a smaller robot, known as Gran. Two smaller vehicles, Koka and Onomus, fit into the toe areas of the Brave Maximus robot. They can combine into the robot Cog.
This toy comes mint in sealed box, with the box in very good condition, at least a c-9.

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