Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2008

misb alternators Shockblast

misb alternators Swindle

misb alternators Silverstreak

misb reissue Sixshot, c-9

mib unused Nucleon Quest Superconvoy, c-8.5

Just been to the STCC 2008 at Suntec City this morning to check if there are any good buys and I must admit I left feeling very satisfied with my purchases. I had actually gone yesterday too around 6 plus in the evening, and although I was very impressed with the static displays of popular manga cartoons and the huge collection of vintage Star Wars figurines on display, there were almost no traces of transformers, except for the current animated series, which does not interest me at all. I was also looking for Falcon's booth but couldn't find it anywhere in the exhibition hall. I decided I had to come early today so that I don't miss out on any good deals.
True enough, there were transformers aplenty for the early birds, and I also managed to find Falcon's booth soon after I entered the hall. First things that caught my eye were the reissue Sixshot and victory Blacker. No hesitation with Sixshot as I have always been looking for a spare piece, but I decided against getting Blacker somehow. It was quickly snapped by another customer the moment I put it down. I also bought several alternators that were being sold on the shelves; Shockblast, Swindle and Silverstreak. Somehow, I am beginning to like the alternator series a lot as I think they make great display pieces in their boxes compared to the binaltechs. And they are much cheaper too. To top up a good day, I also bought the TRU exclusive Superconvoy at a discounted price.

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