Friday, June 20, 2008


misb c-8.5 Godbomber
Finally back from my vacation trip to Hong Kong/ China. Apart from visiting my relatives in China, it hasn't been a fruitful toy hunting trip, and my only vintage Transformers buy was C-309 Godbomber. I had chanced upon it at one of the basement toy shops in CTMA Centre (near Mongkok MTR), a building with several levels filled with toys shops selling all sorts of toys. I noticed that the box is in good condition so I asked the owner if he could take it out of the display cabinet for inspection. There was the usual shelf wear and a slight tear on the left flap, but otherwise, the box was at least a c-8.5. After some negotiation over the price, I decided to get it. However, there were precious little that caught my eye after that. A piece of good news: I am on my way to completing my combiners collection with the acquisitions of the vintage Devastator and Predaking giftsets. Will be posting pictures of them once I've collected from the sellers.

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