Saturday, June 7, 2008

Star Saber

misb Star Saber, c-9.5
Released in 1989, Star Saber transforms into a large red, blue and white Cybertronic spacecraft and a base. Star Saber also has the ability to merge in either jet or robot mode with Victory Leo to form Victory Saber. I chanced upon Star Saber today as I passed by CSC this afternoon while on my way to Chinatown to exchange some HK dollars for my trip tomorrow. I wasn't expecting to get anything; more to do some window shopping since I won't be going to CSC for the next two weeks. As I passed by one of the toy stores, I suddenly saw the impressive looking Star Saber in one of the display cabinets, and the best thing is that the box looked in solid condition. At least a c-9, probably some creases and shelf wear at the back and bottom of the box, I thought. I decided to ask the owner for its selling price and whether I could take the box out to check. The owner then quoted me an unbelievably attractive price. The only thing left now was the box condition. As I checked the box thoroughly, I found out that apart from minor shelfwear, there were no box creases at all, at least a c-9.5. It was also a consignment item, meaning someone had entrusted the store to sell it on his behalf, so there was no negotiation of price (not that I needed to anyway). It's also nice to hear from the owner that the item only came in yesterday evening, and that it will definitely be sold to some toy hunter during the sunday flea market tomorrow had I not seen it today. :)

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