Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Madness at CSC

misb encore Ironhide, Ratchet and Jazz, c-10

It was a roller coaster of emotions at CSC today, where many of the toy stores were having their own versions of the Great Singapore (Toy) Sale. Many TFs items were going at unbelievable prices. I was quite disappointed to have missed out on the one they had last week, and thought the opportunity was gone. But somehow, I clung on to the hope they would continue the sale today. And true to my wishes, they held another today and it was truly a sight to behold, where hordes of toy hunters were buying as if there were some competition to see who could buy the most. I walked away with 3 TFs encores - #5-Ironhide, #6-Ratchet and #8-Jazz at the combined can-you-believe-it price of 60 SGD. I have always wanted to keep an extra set of the encores and it was just as well I got them at below-secondary market prices. Wished I could have bought #7-Skylynx too, which was going at only 50 SGD, but space simply doesn't permit a box of such magnitude to take its position in my room, especially when there is a clone of it already. Also saw reissue God Ginrai going at only 100 SGD, and I'm happy my friend managed to get a piece for himself. That, to me, would have been the buy of the day, except I already owned a piece of it. A good day, nevertheless, for anyone who bothered and bought.

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