Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Transformers Collection

My Transformers Collection

Top Shelf: Black Zarak, Trypticon, Lio Kaiser,
Fort and Grand Max

2nd, 3rd and 4th shelves:
My Encore, Masterpiece, Revoltech,
THS, Predacons and TF Book collection
Display Shelf 1

Overlord and Browning

King Poseidon Giftset

Bruticus Giftset

Abominus Giftset

Display Shelves 2 and 3

Computron Giftset

Raiden Giftset

Fire Guts God Ginrai

Music Label collection


Flywheel and Sixshot

Junior Headmasters and Golden Bumblebee

Superion Giftset

After several days of intense packing of my room and major relocation of books and toys, I have finally arranged all my Transformers collection on my bookshelf , shifted all my books to another room, and also set up my detolf shelves to showcase some of my TF vintage collection. The above photos feature my prized Transformers collection, which include popular collectors' items like Fortress and Grand Maximus, Black Zarak, Overlord, Browning, Trypticon, Shockwave and my combiners collection. I am deeply grateful to my dad, who spent his rest time in the evening helping me set up the display shelves. Seeing the final display makes me feel that the time and effort spent packing was well worth it. :)

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