Friday, September 19, 2008


misb Metroplex, c-10

First released in 1986, and as Encore number 12 in 2008, Metroplex transforms from a large robot to a multi-leveled "city" mainly for use with the smaller Generation 1 toys. This mode includes a service bay with launching mechanism, a helipad, and "parking" for six vehicles in whatever his legs fold out to be. He also has a third mobile battle station mode; a more compact wheeled form that incorporates his many weapons. Metroplex comes with Six-Gun, Slammer, and Scamper; the first two formed various parts of Metroplex's alternate modes.
Metroplex has a high degree of interactivity with other toys confirmed as part of it, namely, the Aerialbots, Stunticons, Protectobots and Combaticons. Each of the smaller "limb" robot from these four groups (while those that came after using their basic design, like the Technobots, Terrorcons and Seacons) can plug into ports in Metroplex's shoulders and knees in robot mode. Additionally, the base modes of the four leaders, Silverbolt (Superion), Hot Spot (Defensor), Motormaster (Menasor), and Onslaught (Bruticus), can connect to him in city mode.
I collected my pre-ordered Metroplex yesterday from Falcon. Was expecting a two-box carton but instead saw that it was a six-box carton with the boxes packed tightly against one another. A big box item like Metroplex means choosing one in very good condition is always going to be difficult but surprisingly, I took less than five minutes to find one in near perfect condition. Storage is going to be a problem though, so I'll be looking to clear some room space by selling some of my vintages at the final booth session this Sunday at CSC. Interested vintage collectors mustn't miss this opportunity to add to their collection as I am letting go of them at reasonable prices. Please view my Toys for Sales link for the list of toys I will be selling at the booth. :)

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is definitely one that is worth buying. He is one of my favourites.