Monday, September 1, 2008

Victory Leo

mib Victory Leo, c-9

Released in 1989, Victory Leo transforms into a black, yellow and white winged lion robot. Both modes are dominated by the missile-firing V-Lock Rifle that rises from his back between his wings in alternate mode, or plugs into his hip in robot mode. Victory Leo can also combine with Star Saber to become Victory Saber, which was available as a giftset.

Victory Leo comes in pristine condition, box and toy-wise. Perhaps the only blemish is that the stickers have been half-applied. That was the main reason why I deliberated on getting it earlier even though I had been tracking it for some time already. Nevertheless, I finally decided to get it due to the excellent box and toy condition. Now my Star Saber has finally found its perfect companion. :)


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have seen the Victory Leo and Star Saber giftset before. Do you have it or still on a journey in search of it?

Stephen said...

I'm still on the journey to finding it, but I must admit it isn't on my priority list at the moment as I already have Star Saber and Victory Leo separately. :)