Friday, September 12, 2008

Autobot Headmasters - Chromedome, Hardhead and Brainstorm

mib unused Chromedome, c-8.5
Chromedome transforms into a Cybertronic sports coupe, which may be based on the Lamborghini Silhouette due to the similar rear styling. Chromedome is equipped with two non-firing laser rifles which can be mounted in both modes (either in the robot-mode fists or on the rear of the vehicle), and a hood-mounted 'infrared red range-finder' which is the socket for his Headmaster Stylor.

mib unused Hardhead, c-8.5
Hardhead transforms into a Cybertronian self-propelled artillery gun. He can store his rifles in 5mm peg holes in his vehicle mode, and his Headmaster, Duros, can ride inside his cockpit. Duros transforms into his head, which, when attached to Hardhead's robot mode, activates a simplified, spring-loaded Tech Spec meter hidden under a panel on his chest.

mib unused Brainstorm, c8.5
Brainstorm transforms into a turquoise Cybertronic fighter craft. Both of Brainstorm's twin pistols attach to the front of his alt-mode's nosecone to extend it and augment it with two canard wings. As with all larger Headmaster toys, Brainstorm features both a cockpit suitable for his partner, Arcana, to sit in and an abbreviated Tech Specs bar graph inside his chest hidden under a hinged panel.
I bought all three Autobot Headmasters, which were released in 1987, from a local collector letting go of his collection at reasonable prices. He had previously owned the coveted Decepticon pair of Apeface and Snapdragon, as well as Highbrow (which would have allowed me to complete a running order from C-101 to 104) but a pity they were since sold to another collector. Nevertheless, I consider this a good acquisition due to the relatively good condition of the boxes, which are still glossy and come with sharp edges, rated c-8.5 only due to the flap creases.

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Head Masters are really unique. I like Grand Max a lot.