Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Transformers.SG booth at CSC

Transformers.SG booth at CSC
Helped out at the Transformers.SG booth at CSC last sunday together with Grimlock bro and I must admit that while it was extremely tiring, it turned out to be a fulfilling day in terms of meeting new acquaintances, from new TFs converts to the super hard core fans (One even spots an autobot tattoo near his ankle area).
For the booth, I also brought along two of my combiners giftsets for display at the booth and several items from my personal collection to sell at the booth. Grimlock bro also brought along his vintage Road Caesar giftset and Powermaster Optimus Prime, and he has had to entertain numerous queries about his vintages from interested buyers even though he kept emphasising it was for display only. :) I guess I wasn't so keen in the selling part, and was more interested in talking to people about their TFs collection and interests, promoting the website, and of cos getting them to own a piece of the exclusive Transformers.SG polo tee designed by one of our members.
Overall, I really like my first experience selling stuff at a booth in CSC. I have often wondered how it would be like to manage a booth at CSC during my weekend visits there, and although there were some attempts at getting my friends to share a booth with me to sell our stuff, our plans never did materialise. So, I am really grateful and appreciative to Grimlock bro for inviting me to help out. For everyone's information, the booth will be on for the next three sundays (14th, 21st and 28th), and I have already put my name in the hat to help out again. Really looking forward to meeting more like-minded collectors at the booth. Will also be bringing more of my stuff to sell. Do check out my Toys for Sale link to see the items I will be bringing along. :)


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The T-shirt. Would probably drop by to get it as a birthday present for a friend.

Stephen said...

Hey Dennis, if you are dropping by, do look for me k? I'll be at the booth. :)