Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transformers.SG unite!

Transformers.SG booth@CSC

The booth from another angle

A group shot of the Transformers.SG team

Had another very fulfilling session helping out at the Transformers.SG booth at CSC today. Bro Grimlock and Slang came to pick me up at my place in the morning before we headed towards CSC. Slang had even made an impressive looking banner (seen in the pictures above) which was both eye-catching and very professionally done. Although the crowd turnout today cannot be compared to last week, we still managed to introduce the website to many people who walked past, as well as to meet existing Transformers.SG members who dropped by to say hi or place their orders for the polo tees. Thanks to bro stephenusprime and victorysabervictorysaber who came in the afternoon, we also had a wide array of TFs items for sale, besides the polo tees and display items. These guys sure know their stuff and when we were not promoting the website to passers-by, we were chatting eagerly amongst ourselves and sharing information about TFs. I also managed to sell some of the items I brought along, which I will chalk off my Toys for Sales list shortly. Admittedly, these were also items I was reluctant to let go, but because I needed to clear space for some soon-to-arrive items, I had little choice. I bid farewell to my Reissue Sixshot, Commemorative Ultra Magnus and BT Laserwave, and hope they are now in the safe hands of collectors who will treasure them. We also took some group shots before we packed up for the day, and I really like the photos taken. We have very good rapport within the team, and I hope we can maintain this friendship in time to come. :)

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Just visited CS earlier. These guys were nice and friendly.