Tuesday, September 23, 2008

e-Hobby Exclusive Guardian Robot (Omega Supreme)

misb e-Hobby Exclusive Guardian Robot, c-9.5

An e-Hobby exclusive, this toy is a redeco of the Generation 1 Omega Supreme toy. Using the same tooling as the Encore reissue Omega, this toy features the same retooled head.
The Guardian robot transforms into three individual components simultaneously: a large rocket base, a rocket and a tank. Not unlike the Seekers, whose toys involve minimal actual transformation and more "pull all the bits off and put them back on in different ways," the Guardian robot involves next to no actual manipulation of the parts, "transforming" instead by being disassembled into its component pieces, which are then put back together in a different configuration.
I collected my preordered Guardian Robot from Falcon earlier in the evening and this time, it took me quite a while to find a box in decent condition as the four-box carton resulted in the boxes packed tightly against one another. With the filmsy carton box protection, box dents and wear seem almost guaranteed. One of the features I like most about Guardian robot is its box artwork design (by Hidetsugu Yoshioka), which is distinctly different from the encore Omega Supreme design. And it also comes with a pair of Autobot and Decepticon sticker sheets and a collector's comic. Although it doesn't come cheap, the value of the toy seems likely to soar in time to come. :)

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! This must be expensive. The Guardians robot were destroyed way back during the cybertronian war. The sole survivor is Omega Supreme. It would be really cool if both these are displayed beside each other. Ha! Ha! I think I got carried away.