Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saving the economy...

Disney Mickey Mouse Optimus Prime, c-10

misb alternity series, c-10

Henkei Inferno, c-10

Henkei Ratchet, c-10

I did my part to save the economy yesterday with my largest haul this year. I have been selling most of my vintage collection since the beginning of this year to make way for room space and to concentrate on the newer releases. Anyway, most of my pre-ordered stuff arrived yesterday so I went over to Falcon with some of my friends to pick up the items, which include the latest toys from the alternity series, the Henkei Ratchet and Inferno, and the wildly popular Disney Mickey Mouse Optimus Prime, which is apparently sold out in the streets in Japan. A friend who sold me his collection once told me "The joy of collecting toys lies in once owning the collection itself. When you finally sell off your collection for other pursuits, you should not have any regrets." I am a collector, and still is, as I can lay claim to the fact that my vintages were mostly sold at prices below what I paid for them, except for a few which I managed to recoup the cost price. With that, I bade farewell to some of my gems acquired over the years; Black Zarak, Grand Maximus, Superion, Raiden, Black Sixshot, Liokaiser. More will leave my collection in the months to come, and I can only hope they find another owner who recognise the joy they bring.

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