Saturday, February 28, 2009

Deathsaurus - The Decepticon Emperor of Destruction

misb Deathsaurus, c-9
Release in 1989 as part of the Victory Series, the original Deathsaurus toy transformed into a nondescript dragon-lizard thing with wings (or giant mutant space chicken) that doesn't really look like anything except ugly. Unusually for post-Generation 1 toys, he has die-cast-metal feet in beast mode.
In robot mode, both of his Breast Animal components can be slotted inside his spring-loaded chest (or kaiju-mode back) to form his elaborate torso armor; Eaglebreast must go in first, then Tigerbreast added on top. Both Breast Animals can also become hand-held weapons. He is armed with a light blue laser rifle — which, despite what the boxart and cartoon would have you believe, does not have a removable flail— and a large shield constructed out of his tail that can mount on either bicep.
Because of its relatively large box size, it is hard to find Deathsaurus in the condition above. It took two months for the item to be finally delivered to my place, but it was definitely worth the wait.

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