Sunday, July 5, 2009

Toy Carnival @ SAM

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My haul from the Toy Carnival: Ratchet, Sideways and Starscream
Went with some TF.SG members - Unicron Nemesis and kopikia to the Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum yesterday, and it was certainly a fun-filled event with many of our local toy stores participating. I thought it was like a giant scale Sunday CSC Flea Market though, with many familiar faces such as Falcon Hangar, Rapid Culture, Simply Toyz etc there. There were goodies galore too, such as free comics for the adult collectors, and free popcorns and floss candy for the kids. And for the photo hunters, there was the 501st contingent in their Star Wars gear, ready to strike poses for anyone who wanted to 'shoot' them. I went with the intention to look for cheaper ROTF toys and I was certainly not disappointed as I managed to secure two voyager class - Starscream and Desert Tracker Ratchet, as well as one deluxe Sideways at very good prices. I wished I had gotten Demolishor and Megatron too, but their prices were only slightly lower than current market prices so I thought I'll bide my time for these two. :)

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will u keep them in the boxes ?