Friday, January 2, 2009

Victory Saber

mib unused Victory Saber giftset, c-9

Released in 1989, the Victory Saber giftset is a two-pack of Star Saber and Victory Leo. In Victory Saber vehicle mode, Victory Leo transforms into a compacted version of his fighter mode and connects into the rear between Star Saber's engines/legs, forming a huge-ass space ship.
For Victory Saber robot mode, Victory Leo basically splits up into multiple parts, with most of Leo's body becoming platform shoes for Star Saber and the rest of him forming a giant backpack/weapons system. As Victory Saber, the Star Saber robot is armed with his sword, the backpack's weapons and Victory Leo's huge cannon, which can fire projectiles.
This Victory Saber giftset was purchased from an online seller based in Japan with the help from a friend. It came in a very good box with its content in even better condition.

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