Thursday, November 6, 2008

My G1 combiners collection

mib Devastator, c-8.5
mib unused Superion, c-9
mib unused Menasor, c-8.5
misb Bruticus, c-9.5
mib unused Defensor, c-9
mib unused Predaking, c-9
misb Abominus, c-9
mib unused Computron, c-9
mib unused Raiden, c-9
misb King Poseidon, c-9.5
mib unused Landcross, c-9
mib unused Road Caesar, c-9.5
mib unused Dinoking, c-8.5
misb Liokaiser, AFA 90

A combiner basically refers to a group of Transformers that assemble and combine their bodies into a single machine, or that composite machine itself. Most combiners form a larger Super Robot with its own unique personality (a character in its own right), but other varieties of combiner exist, forming vehicles, weapons, or other items. Combiners tend to be considerably larger and more powerful than the average Transformer, equivalent to strategic-grade weapons.
In identifying my G1 combiners wishlist, I kept to combiners with three or more members, which meant that popular characters like God Ginrai and Victory Saber were not included. I have also left out the Beastwars, Micromaster-type and Maximus-type combiners. With that, I came up with a list of 14 G1 combiners, which I finally completed with the recent acquisition of Menasor.

Combiners with three or more members (non-Scramble City type)
(1) Devastator
(2) Predaking
(3) Raiden
(4) Dinoking
(5) Road Caesar
(6) Liokaiser
(7) Landcross
Scramble City-type combiners
(8) Bruticus
(9) Defensor
(10) Menasor
(11) Superion
(12) Abominus
(13) Computron
(14) King Poseidon

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