Thursday, November 6, 2008


Unreleased "VSA" set (Superion vs Menasor)

mib unused Menasor, c-8.5

Released in 1986, Menasor is a combination of the five Stunticons; Team Leader Motormaster, Drag Strip, Dead End, Wildrider and Breakdown. Menasor is formed by transforming Motormaster into his torso mode, attaching a chest plate/scout car, waist armor and mask on him, then connecting the other Stunticons into the appropriate limb slots in Motormaster's arms and legs. Fists and feet are then attached to the limbs. He is armed with Motormaster's sword and cyclone rifle. The Stunticons were available both individually or in a complete box set available in numerous markets. Menasor is also the smallest of the Scramble City-type combiners in the Generation 1 toyline. A Japanese "VSA" set with Superion (see 1st pic) was planned but unreleased.
The acquisition of Menasor meant that I have finally fulfilled my wish of owning all 14 G1 combiners, which I have identified at the beginning of my toy quest. Although the box has flap crease and some shelf wear, it stands firm and comes in mib unused condition, which was what made me decide to get it in the end even though it came with a hefty price tag. Ultimately, I guess I have finally lost patience in my relentless and at times tiring search for it. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have assisted me to complete my G1 combiners wishlist. :)

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