Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chara Hobby Exclusive Stuntron Wildrider

mosc Chara Hobby exclusive Wildrider
An exclusive item from the "Chara Hobby 2008" show in Japan in 2008, Wildrider is a redeco of Classics Rodimus with a very vaguely Wildrider-inspired color scheme (but retaining all of Henkei Rodimus' paint applications, including the flames), transforming into a Dome Zero concept car. His rear "thruster" fires a spring-loaded missile, and the back section can be flipped up to turn it into a roof-mounted weapon. The thruster becomes a hand-held blaster in robot mode, and can also be mounted on his back as a "jetpack". His left arm hides a flip-out (non-spinning) buzzsaw.
Among the few exclusive released Henkei TFs so far, I rate Wildrider very highly because of its rarity and mystique, and I feel it even eclipses the highly sought-after Crystal Convoy. It is also an item that I have been looking for for some time, but have been repeatedly put off by the prohibitive price tag placed on it. However, seeing that the value of it seem destined to soar in future, I decided to get one at the most reasonable price from a local seller.


Speedy Baby said...

How much you paid for it?

Stephen said...

I paid 180 for it. :)