Sunday, October 12, 2008

Animated TFs, Star Convoy and MP-03 G1 Starscream

Animated Grimlock

Animated Blitzwing

Animated Skywarp

misb C-372 Star Convoy, c-9.5
misb G1 Starscream (in customised Masterpiece Box)
Finally succumbed to the temptation of getting some Animated TFs today. Was browsing around while waiting for stephenusprime bro to turn up when I saw boxed Animated TFs going at 35 SGD each. Imagine the loose figures going at around 30 SGD currently as well, which simply meant I wasn't about to pass this chance. Moreover, the sale items included Grimlock, which I have wanted to get for some time already, as well as the recently released Blitzwing and Skywarp. I gave Optimus Prime and Lugnut a miss however. Utoys was also having their own version of the great singapore sale and many items were going at knockdown prices. In no time, I had already bought reissue C-372 Star Convoy (50 SGD) and Masterpiece G1 Starscream (60 SGD). Panic-stricken, I quickly msged stephenusprime to ask if he was arriving anytime soon as I was worried I might add to my two bags full of toys. Fortunately, he arrived in the nick of time to prevent me from having to survive on bread for the rest of the week. I also met up with three other members from TFSG; Novaprime, Jingjie and Redrum and we had a nice chat at Spinelli's, after which Stephenusprime came over to my place to collect the TFC set I am selling to him. As usual, I am happy when I buy toys and sad when I have to sell them, especially when my TFC set has been with me for more than two years already. Nevertheless, the vacuum created from the sale of 22 boxes of toys simply means more space for new ones coming soon. I also un-misb my Animated TFs and spent some time getting them in various poses for a photo-taking session.

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I was there today as well. U-Toys sale is really genuine. Lots of people crowding around the table outside the shop. Don't seems like recession hit us...