Sunday, August 10, 2008


mib unused Dinoking, c-8.5

Dinoking is the combination of all six Dinoforce warriors: Leader Gōryū, Kakuryū, Gairyū, Yokuryū, Rairyū and Doryū. With the bodies and minds of all six members combined into one, he is the top Decepticon when it comes to mindless violence. Released exclusively in Japan in 1989, Dinoking was sold as his individual components and as a giftset. He is a redeco of Monstructor.
I had actually been hunting for Dinoking for quite some time already. Although I have had the opportunity to get it when it was available at times, I decided against getting those sets either due to missing flaps, poor box condition, and of cos its hefty price tag. I bought my Dinoking giftset from an online seller at a pretty good price. The box is in very good condition, rated c-8.5 only because of a slight tear on the bottom right corner. Another great addition to my combiners collection.
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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

What a real gem you got! Impressive collection of TF combiners. Also thx for the new website.