Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BT-17 Wonderfest Exclusive Black Convoy

misb alternators Ravage, c-9.5
misb alternators Rumble, c-9.5
misb BT-17 Wonderfest Exclusive Dodge Ram
Finally managed to secure BT-17 Black Convoy, which was available exclusively in Japan at the Winter Wonder Festival in 2007 and limited to 800 pieces worldwide. Compared to its alternator counterpart Nemesis Prime, Black Convoy has die-cast metal parts and most of his truck body panels are coated in gloss black paint. This was truly a rare piece and of course, came with a hefty pricetag placed on it. After some negotiation with the seller, I finally decided on getting it, together with Alternators Ravage and Rumble.
A pleasant surprise awaits while I was browsing through the forum pages of sgcollect this afternoon, to find myself mentioned in a favourable light by a fellow sgcollect member. This was what stephanusprime wrote:

well said bro, I agree, some may have their individual preferences when it comes to collecting. perhaps, those MISBers which I have met usually fall under the 'make-profit' individuals, which I truly detest. I guess, for it, its one rotten egg spoils the whole bunch. But then again, there's Bro StepheNg, who collects toys in TipTop condition, mostly vintage G1 toys. Kudos to him for being able to find them. But hor, if I were him lah, not opening the toys will make me paranoid. How would I know inside is the genuine new toy or perhaps the box was kept well but not the toys? its just me lah.. Bro StepheNg, never invite me to your place okie.. I will bring a penknife along wahahahahaha...

Always feels good to hear compliments about my collection, which I am extremely proud of. Thanks again stephanusprime bro. By the way, this was a forum debating on keeping TFs toys in their misb condition or opening them up for display.

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